Office of Governmental Relations

Welcome to the home page of the University of Northern Iowa's Office of Governmental Relations. Please take the opportunity to browse the links to the right to learn more about UNI and its legislative priorities. If you'd like further information, use any of the email links at the bottom of this page.

campanile centered on UNI campus

UNI: Educating Iowans Since 1876

Among Iowa’s universities, none bears the distinctive imprint of “Iowa” like UNI. Approximately 90% of UNI students are from Iowa, and nearly 75% remain in the state after graduation.

UNI is Iowa’s only public university distinguished by its emphasis on undergraduate education. Having been founded as an institution for preparing public school teachers, teaching has been at the heart of UNI’s mission ever since. In addition to educating Iowa’s future leaders, UNI has forged strong partnerships with Iowa’s business and educational communities. Service to Iowa is an important component of UNI’s mission as we help to diversify, expand and strengthen Iowa’s economy.