Political Activity

UNI’s Guidance on Political Activities

While the University of Northern Iowa respects the right of its employees and students to actively engage in the political process, state and federal laws generally prohibit the use of the University and its resources to promote partisan political causes, campaigns and candidates. Employee participation must take place on your own time and with your own equipment and supplies.

The expertise or viewpoints of individual faculty, staff, and students are frequently used when determining the impact of proposed policy or legislation on the University.  In this context, when consistent with institutional objectives, the staff of the UNI Office of Governmental Relations may facilitate direct communication to elected officials by University faculty, staff, and students.

Personal or individual communications to state or federal elected officials and their staff are permitted.  However, any communication which is not coordinated through the UNI Office of Governmental Relations should be clearly crafted so as not to imply that the individual is communicating this opinion or viewpoint on behalf of, or as a representative of, the University.

Please refer to UNI’s 10.09 Federal and State Lobbying and Political Activity policy for complete guidance. If you have questions, please contact the UNI Office of Governmental Relations at 319-273-6144.

Frequently asked questions about campus-related political activity